KEA JADE - Pounamu by Kendall Allum

From a very young age Kendall has worked in bone, stone, wood and  glass, but it wasn't until he was given family pounamu that he was introduced to the jade that would become his passion.

Kendall left Dunedin for the West Coast where he spent three years studying Jade And Hard Stone Carving at Tai Poutini Polytechnic as well as working alongside more experienced carvers to further his knowledge of carving and of the jade he was working with.  His experience also provided him inspiration from the rugged coastline, rainforests and rivers around him.

When the opportunity arose to come back to Dunedin and set up his own studio Kendall promptly did, establishing a workshop fully designed for carving hard stone where he is now producing works of art.

Kendall's unique designs are all hand carved in Dunedin using authentic New Zealand Greenstone sourced from the rugged West Coast of the South Island.  Kaitahu Fanui Kaumatua, Huata Holmes, has given his blessing to Kendall for the work that he does and his tikanga (the way that he works).