ODI BOUTIQUE - By Audie Wilkinson

Audie Wilkinson (her names is derived from the Latin verb, to hear), A self made, self taught Dunedin jewellery designer who has recently moved and now lives in Greytown, Wellington, New Zealand

Audie has combined an entrepreneurial spirit with creativity since she first sold her jewellery designs at an Otago University student market day. She wasn't, however, selling fashion accessories to her peers; she was eight years old.

In 2001 Audie created her first Leather earring design and was discovered by an upmarket Dunedin fashion store, since then odi's designs naturally snowballed into an established brand stocking design stores and boutiques New Zealand wide and sells world wide online.
The Odi range of contemporary jewellery encompasses the visual, the tactile and the iconic. Handmade, authentic and versatile, they can be worn equally well with young high street fashion as with classic timeless styling.