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David Trubridge Jewellery - Designer Extraordinaire

September 10, 2015 1 min read

We are excited to have to opportunity to stock the beautiful work of David Trubridge.  Whilst David is internationally recognised for his stunning pendant lights, he has almost created a stunning sterling silver jewellery collection - Adorn.
David had delved into jewellery in the past.  Years ago, whilst sailing across the world he carved a series of wooden earrings for his wife Linda.  These special pieces are still worn by her today.
The Adorn Collection is clean and refined, fresh and essential, it is reminiscent of the patterns and life forms observed in the wild.
Visit our online store to view The Adorn Collection.
Prized plant, sacred in Maori culture.
Woven, created, adorning.
A woven basket, interlacing.
Catching reflections, shards of light,
Cast silver, glittering, a tear drop jewel.
Forms beat across the sky.
Wings of Icarus, of life,
Of glimpsing light where darkness lies.